Container equipment for public sector and industry

We offer the full range of steps in order to set up or overhaul sea containers for the public sector.

The customer expresses only his requirements, and we plan the layout, obtain all the necessary tool sets and equip the container completely.

All these steps are executed with special care to the layout, so that the tools are on site within easy reach.

Container Equipment with ISC Siebengebirge AG

In the area of military technology, ISC Siebengebirge AG has a core competence in the equipment of tool containers. For our public clients, we plan, procure and also especially equip the containers with the specific tools that are needed. The heart of equipping containers is the layout. For this reason, we enforce, that it is well structured, so that the single tools can be found easily and used quickly. Ultimately, the customer expresses only the requirements and the intended use of the container - We do the rest!

Depending on the purpose, different tool kits are required. Hence, we offer various sets for nearly every activity:

Containerausstattung von ISC Siebengebirge AG - Hier sehen Sie einen voll ausgestatteten und instandgesetzten Bundeswehrcontainer.

  • Bricklayers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Installateur
  • Saddler
  • Wood working
  • Metal working
  • Other tool kits