Individual Interior

Upon request, our ISC-Boxes can be equipped with a custom-made interior.

We offer a great range of interior solutions that each can be adjusted just for you.

In this way, you make sure that your loadings are packed in a save and space-saving way.

Especially here, you can benefit from our long-term experience in the logistic and transport sector.

Transport Boxes with an Individual Interior

You are looking for solutions in order to save your loadings during the transport or to seperate them inside a single packaging? This can be realized through an individual Interior, which is manufactured according to your requirements.

ISC-Box with Customized Interior


  Numerous Options for your Transport Boxes

  • Plug-in side walls to seperate and fixate your loadings inside the box.
  • Tear-resistant pressure log bags to secure the cargo from external influences such as humidity.
  • Custom-made layers out of foam, plastic or any other material you want.
  • Integrated Lashing straps to fixate your loading conveniently.
  • And many more!
There is no limit to your fantasy. Contact us and benefit from more than 20 years of experience!
Hier sehen Sie eine Transportkiste mit individueller Innenausstattung in unbeladenem Zustand. Das Innenleben dieser ISC-Box trennt die einzelnen Packstücke und sorgt so für noch mehr effizientere Verpackungslösungen

ISC-Box with Individual Interior - Unloaded

Hier sehen Sie eine Transportkiste mit individueller Innenausstattung, die mit verschiedenen Teilen beladen ist. Das flexible Innenleben sorgt für eine optimale Anordnung der verschiedenen Packstücke

ISC-Box with Individual Interior - Loaded