Wooden box as a transport packaging

The uniqueness of our wooden packagings is fundamentally based on their constructive form.

Their modular system guarantees quick assemblies without using tools and lowers your transport- and logistic costs massively.

After usage, the boxes can be quickly disassembled and stored in a space-saving way.

Therefore, our wooden boxes are ideal for multiple usage.

Innovative Plug-in-System

Our innovative plug-in-system provides significant benefits. It enables you to use the transport boxes multiple times and reduces your freight- and storage costs enormously. As a result of our long-time experience, the modular system is specifially designed for customers in the industrial sector. Therefore, global players such as automotive manufacturers and suppliers approve our ISC-Boxes Europe-wide!


The Plug-in-System in Use


 Ergonomical & Customer-friendly

The Plug-in-system allows you to assemble/disassemble to boxes easily and quickly without the use of tools. It also allows you to stack and store the boxes in a space-saving way in order to reduce your logistic costs. Further, the boxes can be conveniently loaded/unloaded by human or machine - you just have to pull out a single side wall.  

Disposable & Reusable Packagings at Attractive Prices

With ISC-Boxes you receive flexible transport packagings according to your needs that reduces not only your overall costs but also your efforts! Here you can inform yourself about our prices!