Quick Assembly/Disassembly

  • In less than 60 sec. by one single person.
  • You save time and manpower.

No Tooling Required

  • Assembly/disassembly without using any tools.
  • The components are delivered in the proper order to mount.

Freight-Cost Savings

  • Disassembled boxes can be delivered in stacks.
  • Freight-costs are reduced to their minimum.

Storage-Cost Savings

  • Space-saving storage is possible.
  • This saves valuable storage space.

Great Stackability

  • The boxes interlock by stacking.
  • This ensures stability and savety.

Enormous Robustness

  • The weight is distributed among the robust corner profiles.
  • The boxes can be loaded up to 3 tonnes.

Individual Sizes

  • Individual Sizes are always possible.
  • You specify your desired size to receive the packaging you need.

Flexible Interior

  • Efficient soloutions through a customized interior.
  • We are pleased to develop and realize it for you.


  • Convenient assembly/disassembly and space-saving storage.
  • Our ISC-Boxes are ideal for multiple usage.


  • Components consist of OSB, plywood and recycled plastic.
  • Wood residues are used to heat our facilities, plastic residues are recycled.